Block, started its journey with "Quality Comes First" principle and it has adopted to produce according to world standards with its well-trained staff.

   We “as a Block family” started our journey with “Quality first” motto, in order to reach this goal, we identify our customers’ requirements, their expectations from us and our products; we use every single offering of technology to achieve perfection, in the shortest and most economical way possible to maintain our customers’ satisfaction.We keep continious development by maintain working with dynamic and researcher staff and improve the sub-industry and we work by complying with statutory obligations for protecting our environment and nature and aim remaining faithful to our politics. 

   We, ‘‘Block Kilit’’ are manufacturing all types of lock mold by preparing project in most economical way shortly by universal CNC machines existing in moldshop. 

   Manufacturing is controlled by molds and products’ tests and measurements in our fully designed laboratories to ensure completely customer satisfaction. 

   The possible supplier failure reflection to our customers are being prevented by all designs, controls and assembly operations of lock semi-products manifacturing in Metal Enjection Department, are made in our company. 

   Future products to be manifactured is being designed and for quality and safety for currently producing products are being maintained improvements efforts by our engineering staff, working in R&D department. 

   Our company that realizing all kinds of machine and equipment investments by own capital, maintaining for new investments and avoidance of any investments for human and quality. 

   By maintaining high level of Works our main target is : ‘‘ To continue to stregthen our position in domestic market as a leader and bring Block Kilit as a World-brand ;’’

Our Vision

   To be "national-brand" and leading the ‘Block Kilit’ in its sector.

Our Mission

   Implementing the total quality management systems, ‘Block Kilit‘ company dedicated itself ensuring continuous customer satisfaction by continious development, keep consistency without compromising quality.

Rapid communications with customers
Production in short period time
Logistic in time
Maximum quality
Minumum cost
Wide range of products
Customer-spesific design
Smooth and quick technical support
Well trained staff
High quality sub-industry
Customer feed-back system
Technical spesifications and standarts

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