Metal Injection

High pressure casting\ Metal Injection

  In Er-Ay Group high pressure casting section, alüminium, zamak and brass materials’s castings are realized on 10 units of high pressure die casting machines ranging from 50 tons up to 550 tons clamping force.

  In 2014, we have been certified by ISO 9001:2008, quality management system certificate, received approval to hold the mentioned certificate, which enables our company to go into cooperation with OEM and intermediary companies which supply parts for OEM.

  According to customer requests, we are maintaining our production to automotive, electrical & mechanical bodies, agricultural tools, white goods and security sector.

  Raw material’s quality control is realized in our laboratory with sprectrometer device by well trained quality control staff.

In surface treatment center, the deburring and polishing operations are performed and blasting operations are performed in the cabinet blasting machine.
KVKK :    Çerez Aydınlatma Metni Kişisel Veri Saklama ve İmha Politikası Müşteri Aydınlatma Metni Veri Sahibi Başvuru Formu