Sinter Bronze Filter

The sintered metal filters used for the gas or liquid filtration, bronze or brass in accordance with customer requirements in a variety of geometric structure (conical, cylindrical, disk-shaped) are produced by powder metallurgy techniques.

The efficiency of the products are controlling by the homogenity of the body and grain sizes.

Due to high temperature rezistance, high mechanical strength and high corrorision rezistance, product’s performance and lifetime are high level.

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Sinter Bronze Exhaust Air Flow Control Valve

Aluminum body and bronze filter as consisting of two parts Carbos-SC-type air flow control valve, allows very sensitive velocity and air flow regulation in pneumatic systems.

Has an ergonomic design with ease of montage.

In addition with the coating applied on aluminum body having high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength can be provided up to 20 years.

The coating process can be applied in different colors on request and can participate in decorative richness product.

Sample Pictures
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