Since 1989 Er-Ay Group has been a committed manufacturer in automotive after-market industry mainly focusing on production of sintered bronze bushings and carbon brushes for automobile starter and alternator motors and by the time through the competitive market conditions, added, barrel and lock production, powder metallurgy and CNC facilities.

  Having located on an area consisting of 6000 square meters of open facility and 4500 square meters of closed, Er-Ay Dinamo Limited has been one of the leading manufacturers not only in Turkey but also in Middle Eastern region. In 2000, our trade mark, under which we distribute our products in Turkey and worldwide, CARBOS, has been registered officially.

 In general, we export roughly 60% of our products mainly to countries located in Middle Eastern region and Eastern Europe. In March 2008, we have registered our second trade mark, SINTERTECH, under which we aim to supply our special sintered structural parts.

 In October 2013 we have registered our third trade mark BLOCK KİLİT, for our door and window barrel and lock products.
We buy our raw material from manufacturers located in UK, Sweden and Germany. We are working highly dependent with metal exchange market.

 In 2014, we have been certified by ISO 9001:2014, quality management system certificate, by passing successfully the inspection proceeded by TÜV Management Service, a German origin certification company.
The production and brand group are as follows:

  - Self lubricated sinter bronze bush and iron bearing
  - Carbon brushes
  - Mechanical Seismic Valves and Solenoid Valves
  - Braiser and frying pan products
  - High pressure casting products

  - Sinter Bronze Filter
  - Sinter Bronze Exhaust Air Flow Control Valve
  - Sinter Metal Products

  - Brass Cylinder
  - Zamak Cylinder
  - Stainless Cylinder
  - Aluminum Cylinder
  - Cylinder for Rim Lock
  - Half Type Cylinder

  Grow in a stable manner, with each passing day that draws up the quality level for each brand, a customer satisfaction has adopted the main principles of ER-AY Dynamo Ltd. Sti. creating a firm hold among the leading companies of our industry, our brand to create a global brand.

  Producing the highest quality products, to continuously improve the quality of our products and services, new sectors by developing new products and serve new customers and provide continuous development.
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