Metal Injection, Plastic Injection, Sheet Metal cutting products and other semi-finished products are produced in different parts of our factory. 

   Machining section is dominated by the automation system is machined with great care and precision. 

   Then our products are coated nickel, chrome and satin in line with customer requests. 

   The risk to open each of the Barrel is kept to a minimum by encryption operations performed in highest security. 

   After barrel’s montage operation, quality control is carried out separately for each key. 

   Products that guaranteed quality are packaged and transported to our customers.

KVKK :    Çerez Aydınlatma Metni Kişisel Veri Saklama ve İmha Politikası Müşteri Aydınlatma Metni Veri Sahibi Başvuru Formu