Today, the cost calculations are made specifically to increase gradually trend towards sintered products. By this technology, high sensitivity, low wastage rates and can be done in a much shorter term time products, is more efficient than the alternative production techniques with high production speed.

  Many European companies engaged in research towards reducing costs by using this powder metal technology.

  High pressure casting technology as well as being used powder metal technology.

  Sinter metal and high pressure casting products are as follows :
1. Sinter Iron / Bronze Bushes: Self lubricated, graphitic, special lubricated bearing bushes
2. Sinter Bronze Exhaust Air Flow Control Valve: Pneumatic fittings, serial and spesific parts for gas alarm systems
3. Sinter Bronze Filter
4. Carbon Brushes
5. Metal Enjection Products
6. Various Kitchenware (Pans, Pots)
7. Solenoid Valve ve Mechanical Seismic Valve
8. Appliances and Automotive Parts

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